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For years we've dreamed of bringing together our two loves: The beautiful and diverse state of Arizona together with hand crafted, artisanal ales. While backpacking the wondrous depths of Arizona we forged ideas that would one day become Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. Well, here we are! We will continue our endeavor into the remote beauties of both the Arizona Wilderness and Craft Beer.

Our belief is that beer is more than a beverage to guzzle on Sundays, just another beverage at the party, or cheap yellow fizzy stuff dad drank while wearing his dirty flannel shirts. Beer is culture and we have a true PASSION for this amazing beverage! Check out our food menu, as it was created to pair quite nicely with our fine ales. C’mon in and see what we are up to next!

Brewpub Hours:


Happy Hour: $1 Off Pints




721 N. ARIZONA AVE. #103 GILBERT, AZ 85233

Tasting Room Hours:

Closed Monday • Tues-Thurs: 3PM-9PM
FRI: 12pm-10pm • SAT: 12PM-10PM
SUN: 12-8PM

On Tap At The Brewpub

Today's Taplist .
  1. Refuge IPA 6.8% - Our West Coast IPA brewed with Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade, and Columbus hops. 
  2. Superstition Coffee Stout 6.1% - Coffee and a pleasant roastiness is heavy on the nose and palate with hints of vanilla -from the addition of Madacascar vanilla beans- and caramel rounding out this craft-fully brewed stout.
  3. Pusche Ridge Porter- Chocolate notes, velvety mouthfeel and burnt caramel notes are prominent in this tradtional porter, with a hint of smoked Spanish paprika. 
  4. +*DC Mountain DIPA 8.7%- Our DIPA has massive amounts of Citra and Glaxy hops (along with all the C hops), yet not overly bitter! This beer is all about hop flavor!
  5. De Kofa 5.6%- Using a traditional pale ale malt base, we added the Westmalle yeast which adds a depth of character to one of our more popular brews. Orange, spices, and malt sweetness are the most easily identifiable characteristics. 
  6. Table Top Saison 4.4%- Our traditional take on an Old World style, this farmhouse saison is light and refreshing with a rustic quality from the use of raw Sonoran wheat.
  7. Red Rock Secret 6.0% - Victory and Caramel malts combine to balance the ample dosing of Chinook hops with a slight nutty character. 
  8. **Smoked Apple Gose 5.8% - Historically close to the Lichtenhainer style, the flavor of this Gose accentuates lactobacillus tartness with a subtle smokiness from the 6 hr smoke on the Agritopia grown apples. 
  9. Lil Gye Rye 4.1%- A light bodied ale with a hop profile that is complimented by the addition of rye, which lends a light earthy tone.
  10. White Canyon Stout 6.7% - Although this beer is light in color, expect the same roasted and toasty flavors from a typical stout. Coffee and a sweet caramel like sweetness are prominent in this outside-the-box ale.
  11. Santa Teresa 5%- This crisp, rare beer reflects its Belgian water profile well with a nice Pilsner malt start and clean finish.
*Updated 07/29/15

On Tap In The Tasting Room

Note: Beers available in the tasting room may not be available in the pub
  1. Refuge IPA
  2. **Barely Wine Barley Wine (Red Wine BA)
  3. Pusche Ridge Porter
  4. Superstition Coffee Stout
  5. Table Top Saison
  6. De Kofa
  7. Lil Gye Rye
  8. +*DC Mountain DIPA
  9. White Canyon Stout 
  10. Big Gye Rye
                   **Denotes no growler fills  +* 32 oz growlers only

      Upcoming Beers                   
  1. Refuge IPA (forever, well at least we'll try!)
  2. New Brood Belgian Quad
  3. Nebraska Knife Job
Barrel Aging:
Danish Redneck (Wild AZ Yeast)
Pecan De Garde with Jester King yeast/bacteria
Peachanoymces Saison(white wine French oak)

*Updated 07/29/15

Wilderness survival gear

Currently available only at the brewpub or tasting room.

  • Apparel

    Beer is art, our art is beer - $26

    T-shirts and tanks available (Limited supply)

    Brewheads / wilderness collab T's - $24
    Mens Short Sleeve T's- $22
    Mens Long Sleeve T's- $30
    Womens Short Sleeve T's- $22
    Womens Long Sleeve T's- $30
    Tank Tops - $22
    Burnout Tank Tops - $24
    Wilderness Work Shirt - $45

    Availabe in Black and Blue

    B/W Zippered Hoodies - $45
    Snapback Hats - $20
    Brewheads / Wilderness Collab hat - $28

    Other Goods

    10oz cognac glass - $10
    Can glass - $8
    Wooden Coasters - $2
    Wilderness Survival Kit - $60
    Beard Balm - $12
    Refuge IPA Soap - $10
    Lil Guy Rye Soap - $8
    Patches - $6
    Stickers - $1
    Sun Shade - $15

    Gift Cards available!