Wilderness Inspired Ales

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For years we've dreamed of bringing together our two loves: The beautiful and diverse state of Arizona together with hand crafted, artisanal ales. While backpacking the wondrous depths of Arizona we forged ideas that would one day become Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. Well, here we are! We will continue our endeavor into the remote beauties of both the Arizona Wilderness and Craft Beer.

Our belief is that beer is more than a beverage to guzzle on Sundays, just another beverage at the party, or cheap yellow fizzy stuff dad drank while wearing his dirty flannel shirts. Beer is culture and we have a true PASSION for this amazing beverage! Check out our food menu, as it was created to pair quite nicely with our fine ales. C’mon in and see what we are up to next!


SUN: 11AM-10PM

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721 N. ARIZONA AVE. #103 GILBERT, AZ 85233

Questions? Let us know: info@azwbeer.com

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Currently On Tap

American Pub Ales

  • DC Mountain 8.2% - A West Coast style Double IPA, dry hopped with Citra, Centennial and Galaxy. 
  • Dirty Hop Water #6: Juicy 6.7% - Juicy/Cloudy IPA with a soft mouthfeel and robust fruity aromatics. Hopped with both Pellets and Lupulin powder from varietals Citra, Mosaic, and Ekuanot. 
  • Paiute Pale Ale 5.8% - Utilizing the Centennial, Cascade and Amarillo hops, this pale ale features unique orange peel and pine characteristics. Balanced with Pilsner and honey malts.
  • Refuge IPA 6.8% - Our IPA hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook, and Columbus hops.  
  • Roosevelts 8.3% - The Passing of the Wilderness Act and the Repealling of Prohibition inspired this progressive hop forward ale. Belma, Equinox, and Galaxy are showcased on the dry hop. 
  • Superstition Coffee Stout 6.6% - Local Coffee (Superstition Coffee Co.), roasted malts and oatmeal.  Madagascar Vanilla beans add a touch of sweetness for the perfect balance between coffee and beer.
Farmhouse Saisons
  • De La Ferme 5.3% - Farmhouse saison made with Spinach (Steadfast Farms), Lemon Peel (Steadfast Farms) and dry hopped with Lemon Drop and Mandarina Bavaria hops.
  • Fossil Springs Saison 4.6% - Farmhouse Saison fermented with a Saison/ Brettanomyces yeast blend. Peppery floral notes are complimented by Szechuan peppercorns and fermented Montuk peppercorns. Dry hopped with Loral, Nelson and Sorachi Ace hops.
  • Salome Saison 5.0% - Rustic Saison w/ local (Steadfast Farm) Eureka Pink Lemons, Pink Peppercorns and Local Ancient Farro Grains (Hayden Flour Mills).
  • Sycamore Canyon Saison 6.1% - Dry, citrus forward spicy Saison with 300 lbs of local Blood Oranges from (Agritopia Farms)
Monastic Series 
  • Baboquivari Belgian Blonde 7.1% - A soft sweetness from continental pilsner malt & a slight touch of honey malt. Styrian Golding and Tettnanger hops set a herbal hop balance to the 60lbs. of some of the finest local, spring honey you’ll ever taste. 
  • Santa Teresa Enkel 5.3% - This crisp, elegant beer reflects its Belgian water profile with Pilsner Malt and a clean finish. Dry hopped with Saaz hops. 
Sour/Brettanomyces Ales
  • Beachside Fortress 9.4% - Our collaboration with Way Beer! An Imperial Stout with American Ale yeast, Brettanomyces, Blackstrap Molasses, and aged with Amburana Beans from Brazil in Rum Barrels. 
  • Blood Orange Gose 3.6% - Gose with Arizona Blood Oranges (Steadfast Farm), Arizona salt , and Ancient Faro Grain (Hayden Flour Mills). 
  • Grapefruit Gose 4.8% - A sour and salty wheat ale with Arizona grapefruit (Steadfast Farms), Arizona salt and Arizona Ancient Farro Malt (Hayden Flour Mills).
  • Suit-n-tIePA 7.1% - Unfiltered wheat IPA fermented 100% with Brettanomyces & dry hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Nugget hops. Raw, unmalted Sonoran White Wheat (Hayden Flour Mills) & non flocculating yeast.
  • Tangelo Gose 5.6% - Gose with Tangelos (Steadfast Farm). 

Updated 03/23/2017

Packaged To Go

In 32oz Cans
  • Refuge IPA 
  • Superstition Coffee Stout
In 750ml Bottles
  • Baboquivari Belgian Blonde 
  • Biere De Wassail
  • California Lemon Law 
  • Region Sauvage D'Arizona

Available Kegs
Inquire @ info@azwbeer.com

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Upcoming Beers

What's Fermenting?
  • Refuge IPA - West Coast IPA (forever, well at least we'll try)
  • Belgian Quad- Collaboration with 18th street
  • Fernet Saison- Collaboration with Prairie Artisan
  Long Term Projects
  • Collaboration with Jester King- Pecan de Garde (French Oak Puncheons)
  • Golden Sour - Mixed Culture (French Oak)
  • "Fife Dog" Red- French Oak Barrels
  • Spontaneous Inoculations (1st & 2nd Mobile koelschip Use)
  • Rose' Weisse- Barrel aged berliner w/ mixed culture and table grapes.
  • Dark Sour- Tequila Barrels
  • Region Sauvage D'Arizona- Solera style foudre conditioned saison.
  • Tiny Wooden Ships (Creature Comforts Collaboration)- Mixed Culture Sour Saison (foudre conditioned).
  • Barely Wine Barley Wine- Dos Cabezas Wine Barrels
  • Pecan Pie Brown- Heaven Hill Barrels used for maple syrup aging.
  • Superstition Coffee Stout- Bookers/Woodford Barrels
  • Peachanomyces- Mixed culture fermentation aged in puncheons with Arizona apricots and peaches.
  • Mixed Culture Mourvedre Grapes/Blackberry Sour (Stainless)
  • Hoppy Belgian w/ Brettanomyces (French Oak)
  • Sycamore Leave American Primitive Ale (American Oak Tequila/Scotch)
  • Headin West- Juniper Saison (Gin Barrels)
  • Garden Valley Patio Gruit- American Oak Gin Barrels
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In our efforts to become a more cognizant and sustainable business, we've partner with Recycled City who's vision of "Farmland for the Future" is something we passionately support! 100% of the food waste collected by Recycled City goes towards building local-fertile farmland.